The Foundation

The Lancaster City Fire Foundation is a nonprofit organization formed in 2007 to facilitate public participation in promoting a fire safe environment, and to enhance the Lancaster Bureau of Fire’s ability to reduce risk to the public.

The objectives of the Foundation are to partner with the Lancaster Bureau of Fire to:

  • Enhance public awareness of safety issues such as fire prevention, emergency medical issues, safety in the home and child car seat use.
  • Raise funds to allow the Fire Bureau to operate more effectively and to improve the level of safety for Lancaster’s fire fighters and the public.
  • Promote civic spirit in support of public safety.
  • Provide resources for families of fire fighters who have been injured or killed in the line of duty.

Charter Members

Patrick Egan

Founder & CEO Security Partners

Ken Barton

Vice Chairperson
Battalion Chief (Ret.)
Lancaster Bureau of Fire

Jack Shenk

Narlogis Associates

Michael Corradino

Dean Academic Affairs

Jason Greer

Battalion Chief
Lancaster City Bureau of Fire

Kurt Gehman

Business Insurance Executive
McConkey Insurance & Benefits

Tracy Horst

Progressive Property Mgt.

Scott Little

Fire Chief
Lancaster City Bureau of Fire

Michael Oster

Director of Client Services
Mammoth Restoration

Bob Shoemaker

Project Executive
Lancaster City Alliance (Ret.)

Brian Tibbitt

Financial Advisor
Stonebridge Financial Group