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The Pierce Enforcer

The Pierce Enforcer will be replacing the Engine 1 this June and comes with a number of interesting specifications.

  • 4-person cab
  • 1750 hale pump
  • 450 Cummins diesel
  •  500-gallon water tank
  • 800 feet of 5”
  • A preconnected Blitzfire
  • 4 – 1 ¾” cross lays
  • David Clark headsets

Free smoke alarms available to Lancaster city homeowners

524dc186d227a_preview-300The Lancaster city Fire Bureau is offering about 1,000 smoke alarms to city property owners.

Fire Lt. Ken Wright said there is no limit to the number of free alarms a property owner may have installed.

The alarms are required in every city bedroom, on every level and outside of sleeping areas under the International Fire Code.

Wright said that a typical city home will require between six and nine of the lithium-battery alarms, which cost $19.97 each if purchased at a home improvement store. Smoke alarms with nine-volt batteries are not permitted under the city fire code.

Wright said the alarms are being installed free of charge in any city properties with resident owners. Property owners who rent their city properties may receive an installed alarm for a donation of $30 each, he said.

Anyone wishing to receive one or more alarms can call the Fire Bureau, at 291-4869 to schedule installation.


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