Lancaster City firefighters are in desperate need of equipment required for a Rapid Intervention Team (RIT), which responds to large fires and jumps into action should a firefighter become trapped or disabled. We feel it is important that this team has dedicated equipment to ensure they can perform their life-saving duties when called upon.  We are looking to help purchase the following items for Lancaster City Fire:

  • A second RIT bag consisting of high capacity air cylinders, regulator, and face piece
  • Rotary Saw
  • Chainsaws  (gas and battery: lithium ion)
  • Saw-all  (battery 20 Volt lithium ion)
  • Air Chisel
  • Sledge Hammer Marriages  (titanium bar)
  • Pry Bars
  • Small Spreader and Cutters  (combo tool)
  • Bolt Cutters  (different sizes)
  • Wire Cutters
  • Rope and Webbing
  • Rope Hardware
  • Wedge-Its
  • Ladders  (Little Giant type)

Your contribution will help us with these goals! Thank you!